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27 November 2012

China will Have 420 Million Internet Users By End of 2012

Posted by Faizal Dahan at 7:57 AM 0 Comments
China Internet Users
Based on data by the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), by the end of 2012 the number of internet users there will pass 400 million users. For information, the number of users in China as at June 2012 has reached 390 million users . Projected growth per month on average to below 8%, the number of users will reach next month 420 million people.
Mobile Internet Users in China

This figure increased rapidly when comparing the number of Internet users in China in 2008 only reached 70 million people. Certainly the explosion of the number of Internet users in China is one of them due to the accessibility of the new era, the growth of Internet traffic in 2012 reached 192.5%. Apart of that, the smart phone with an affordable price also contributed to the number of Internet users. China alone has nearly 27% of total smartphone shipments worldwide reached 158 million unit.

origin source by tech in asia, CNNIC

25 November 2012

Users of Windows Phone 8 Report Problems Reboot Suddenly and poor battery life

Posted by Faizal Dahan at 9:43 AM 0 Comments
Users of Windows Phone 8 Report Problems

The Windows Phone 8 devices are already available from earlier this month in the U.S. A number of users are already using these devices began to report problems that arise in the HTC and Nokia phones. In a conversation in the forum WPCentral , HTC 8X users reported that their phones reboot (restart) unexpectedly while in use. While in conversation at Microsoft's official support forums, other users complained about the same things. Website of The Verge confirm that they tested  HTC 8X also did a sudden reboot.

Not only HTC 8X, the Nokia Lumia 920 also reported a sudden reboot and freeze . Another user was complaining about poor battery endurance. In a conversation at the official Nokia support forum, some users have complained about the freeze and reboot on the Lumia 920. In a test on multiple devices Windows Phone 8, turn off the tap feature + send (NFC) can extend the battery life.

origin source by The Verge

08 November 2012

Smartphone Users Around the World Exceed 1 Billion Units

Posted by Faizal Dahan at 6:04 PM 0 Comments

In the latest report by the statistics agency Strategy Analytics (SA) said that the number of smartphones in use worldwide has exceeded 1 billion units. It took 16 years for the smartphone industry to reach 1 billion units, but that number will double two in just 3 years, 2015.

According to senior analyst Scott Bicheno, the world's first modern smartphone was the Nokia Communicator was introduced in 1996, gives Nokia a breath of fresh air to dominate the smartphone industry until 2007, when Apple released the iPhone, which later revolutionized the smartphone software and hardware design, making the smartphone as a trend in society.

Bicheno added that in the third quarter of 2011 was 708 million smartphones. During the year the demand for exceptional smartphone growth, thus reaching 1.038 billion units in the third quarter of this year.

origin source by Intomobile

30 October 2012

Dropbox Launches New Photo Display for Mobile Users

Posted by Faizal Dahan at 11:45 AM 0 Comments
Dropbox Launches New Photo Display for Mobile Users

Dropbox mobile website has been update for a new look. These changes follow a similar update for Android apps, iPhone / iPad and desktop.

These changes that anyone who accesses the mobile device can see a gallery of the same, including the Windows Phone user. Additionally, this update further strengthen the Dropbox experience as a whole, given that in this way improving the use of Dropbox.

This is how Dropbox mobile photos on the site:
dropbox mobile user

Visit from your mobile browser, press the Dropbox icon at the top, and then the photos to view the image in Camera Uploads folder. You also can press to see it in full size and flip through each one.

origin source by The Next Web

24 October 2012

YouTube Updating Content ID System, Fixing Removal Video Wrong Target

Posted by Faizal Dahan at 8:42 AM 0 Comments

YouTube Updating Content ID System, Fixing Removal Video Wrong Target

The no.1 Online video YouTube eventually provide a major update to the Content ID system that has been running his nearly five years ago, which is useful for the detection of copyright infringement in user videos.

It kind of update is going to avoid elimination the wrong target of user videos. Because YouTube enhance and improve the algorithms used. So if there is a video that allegedly violated a review will be done manually than to simply delete it.

In a blog posting , Thabet Alfishawi as Rights Management Product Manager explained that if prior to this update given user refuses to accept the copyright agreement now they do not provide other options. This new process will shift responsibility to the copyright holder can choose to ignore the warning removal or filed formal DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act).

origin source by Techradar

19 October 2012

Instagram Got More Active Users compared to Twitter

Posted by Faizal Dahan at 8:32 AM 0 Comments
Instagram Got More Active Users
According to a new report the number of active users on Instagram was already passing through Twitter. It is known from the comScore report stating that the number of active users on Instagram has reached 7.3 million people per day, while Twitter only reached 6.9 million users. This figure is obtained through the use of last August.

The report also revealed that at the same time turns Instagram users spend more than the users of Twitter. Instagram users are known to spend as much time as 257 minutes on average per month, while Twitter users spent only 170 minutes to access the network. But Twitter is still leading in the number of unique visits in the U.S. are reaching 29 million smart phone in August where Instagram is only reached 22 million only.

origin source by Electronista, AllThingsD, comScore

09 October 2012

Asia Becoming Most Facebook Users to 242 Million Users

Posted by Faizal Dahan at 8:31 AM 0 Comments
facebook no.1 in asia

Technology companies around the world are increasingly aware of the potential in Asia, and one of the Asia size is now topping the European continent in the most viewers on Facebook.

According to data reported by Socialbakers, Asia now has more than 242 million Facebook users. This figure is more than 600 thousand users in Europe. While in North America, there were over 235 million and South America there are over 133 million Facebook users.
India with 44.234 million users and being no.1 in asia ranking
origin source by Socialbakers via teknoup

29 September 2012

75% of iPhone Users Want to Switch to iPhone 5

Posted by Faizal Dahan at 9:52 AM 0 Comments
iphone 4 vs iphone 5

AYTM Research reports that about 75 % of mobile users who are currently using the iPhone in the United States to upgrade their iPhone to the latest generation iPhone, the iPhone 5.

The survey respondents netted about 3000 U.S. citizens also revealed that 24% of them want to upgrade by the end of 2012. While 25% of other users said that they would replace it in the first half of 2013, while 26% were going to replace it in the second half of 2013.

The survey was conducted among respondents in the age range 18 to 34 years. And from that age, 46% of them want the latest iPhone upgrade when they become of age is more than 35 years.

The survey also revealed that about 6% of respondents (ex-) users of the old iPhone is now no longer use the iPhone.

6% of those, 81% of them have switched to another smartphone OS, such as Samsung (27%), HTC (10%), Blackberry (6%), Motorola (6%), and Nokia (3%).

origin source by dmwmedia, sidomi via teknoup

05 September 2012

New malware targeting users of BlackBerry

Posted by Faizal Dahan at 2:49 PM 0 Comments
New malware targeting users of BlackBerry

Concomitant increase in population of smartphones in the world, a security threat to its users even higher. Recently Websense ThreatSeeker network could find new malware targeting users of BlackBerry.

This malware will send an email to the user as if they just make a new BlackBerry ID to their devices, and in the email there will be a clue that directs the user to download a malicious program. If the user reaches fooled downloaded malicious programs is then ready-ready time, your personal data such as photos, contact information, email, instant messages, credit card, etc, will be open and can be used by hackers to importance. Whatever smartphone you should always be cautious, and do downloads from trusted sources only.

origin source by securitywatch

28 August 2012

Windows Phone Marketplace have Problems, Users Disappointed

Posted by Faizal Dahan at 12:17 PM 0 Comments
Windows Phone Marketplace
Windows Phone Marketplace reported have problems in delivering software updates to its users.
windows phone problem

Many Windows Phone users are reporting that they can not update their applications. When they try to update, the update process will always fail after 75%. Microsoft itself has not responded to this issue.
Of course, we hope that Microsoft will soon fix this problem, or the popularity of Windows Phone are starting to move up will fade.
origin source WMPoweruser

09 August 2012

8.7% of Facebook users is the Fake User

Posted by Faizal Dahan at 8:08 AM 0 Comments
facebook fake user

Last week when it reported its financial statements as a public company, Facebook reported that it has an active user about 955 millions while others 543 millions user through mobile applications. Facebook also revealed that 20% of users 543 millions only use social networking is only via mobile. 
This figure is highly developed when compared with the early years of the founding of Facebook. However, it is estimated that nearly 8.7% or 83.09 millions account is an account fakeThis figure increased sharply when compared with those reported by Facebook in March, which is said to only 5-6% or 42.25 million to 50.70 million only.From these figures it is reported that a duplicate account (4.8%), the wrong account classification (2.4%), and accounts that are not desirable (1.5%).
origin source CNET via teknoup

03 August 2012

Average of 37 applications downloaded by smartphone users in this year

Posted by Faizal Dahan at 2:30 PM 0 Comments
smartphone application

According to ABI Research, the worldwide smartphone users will download 36 billion applications in 2012, so that every smartphone users downloading an average of 37 applications during this year. In other words there is an increased nearly 6 percent of downloading 35 applications per person in 2011.
However, the downloading of this average does not mean the trend will continue to increase. But on the contrary, in the next wave of smartphone users will download the old less than a new smartphone users. The number of old users more so clearly affects the magnitude of the average numbers obtained.
Another major factor is the evolution of the mobile web. Examples of media Financial Times decided to gamble with his choice of his interesting and IOS applications using HTML5. ABI senior analyst argued that the application is a magazine and news segments where the next 2-3 years is a momentum to move to the web.

origin source Intomobile via teknoup

26 July 2012

Returns: iPad Used for Entertainment More Than Business Purposes

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ipad for game

Most users are using the Apple iPad tablet device for internet surfing and other entertainment such as games and watching video than for business use or for an educational tool. This conclusion comes from studies Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, based on activity patterns among users iPad earlier this month. The study also said that businesses use to cause the increased popularity of the iPad tablet, but still lags far behind the use for entertainment.
Based on the respondents, CIRP concluded that 40 percent use iPad to surf the internet, play games, and entertainment consumption. Only 14 percent of business users use the iPad for. Unique for the latest generation iPad screen has a very indulgent eye, this value increased to 16 percent.
Other results, iPad users who purchase the largest capacity of more use for business purposes.
origin source Electronista

24 July 2012

mysms: iMessage for non-user of Mac/ IOS

Posted by Faizal Dahan at 3:16 PM 0 Comments

For those who is difficult to communicate with friends or colleagues who use the IOS device or a Mac because it does not have iMessage feature, now it is no longer disturbing.
There are at least looking for non Mac users / IOS to use and communicate with the user iMessage Mac / IOS, which uses an application called mysms . This application has actually been launched earlier this year in Europe but has just provided worldwide.
The advantages of this application is not necessary to use proprietary messaging format, which means users will be able to send text messages to other users who do not even use mysms applications.
This application can be used for the IOS device users, Android, Mac, Windows, Facebook, Chrome, and the HTML application. As for the new Windows Phone device users will get it at the end of 2012.Unfortunately for BlackBerry users will not miss a word on whether or not this application.
For those who want to download and learn more about mysms, please click on this link .
origin source Ubergizmo

21 July 2012

Users More Satisfied Using Google + Compared to Facebook

Posted by Faizal Dahan at 9:00 AM 0 Comments
Based on the results of a report by the American Customer Satisfaction Index E-Business, is known companies in the ranking scale of 1-100.

 Some companies also includes social networking sites include Facebook and Google +In the ranking of social networking in mind that Google + get top ranking, competing with Wikipedia with a score of 78. Interestingly Facebook continues to decline with only 61 numbers only (previous year 66). As it is known that Facebook recently did change the appearance of social networking, it seems that some users do not like the look of it so that the social networking site ranking IPO was so recently declined.

 Facebook also was unable to compete with Twitter is to get 64 points, LinkedIn with 63, and also Pinterest with number 69. Figures obtained by making up these sites are included in the five lowest in user satisfaction ratings. Google + alone has more than 250 million users, where the figure is still far compared to the user on Facebook who reached 900 million users.

22 May 2012

YouTube Users Upload 72 Hour Videos in Every Minute

Posted by Faizal Dahan at 5:16 PM 0 Comments

May be you are among of the many people who diligently every day to watch YouTubeDespite losing prestige and less attention than Facebook, but YouTube remains an open video portal in the world that continues to grow.
After a YouTube-7 birthday is celebrated Google recently, Google also announced some information about the site that became one of the many favorite is. YouTube users at this time is called the average has been 72 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute of the site, it increased dramatically when compared to a year ago that only 48 hours per minute.
In January, YouTube has had 4 billion videos watched from the site each day, at the same time there was an average of 60 hours of video are uploaded every minute. YouTube mean significant progress until now has 800 million users accessing from different parts of the world.
Although Google + seem to rival Facebook, YouTube seemed more able to make up for the worry.

26 April 2012

Film maker Sue Hurt Locker 2500 BitTorrent Users

Posted by Faizal Dahan at 7:30 AM 0 Comments
film maker the hurt locker

Voltage Pictures, the company behind the Hurt Locker, Oscar-winning film in 2010, filed suit against at least 2514 BitTorrent users in the state of Florida Federal Court, the United States. And May 2011, they sued 25 thousand torrent's service users, on charges of making an income from Voltage Pictures reduced because of the film Hurt Locker BitTorrent users illegally sharing files film. 

The case has been completed in December 2011, although it is not known how it ended. Whereas in the case of the new ISP Voltage Pictures wants to get users to reveal his real name. If successful, each will be fined $ 3,000 downloaders. All of the accused to download the film in 2010, so the studio to wait two years before starting a lawsuit.

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