Smart Watches from Apple Could Be Worth 6 Billion Dollar Business

05 March 2013

Smart Watches from Apple Could Be Worth 6 Billion Dollar Business

According to Citicorp analyst, Oliver Chen, the rumored watches which is called Apple iWatch can be a huge profit for Apple. Chen expect that Apple could take 10 percent of the 60 billion dollar watches industry produced in worldwide. This could happen if Apple made something totally new like the first iPod , during which the customer really does not / do not know if they need it.

From the previous information, iWatch has the ability to make and lift the phone call, offer some type of mapping and counting steps like a pedometer. Also designed to be able to monitor the health of the user through data heartbeat.

Apple is said to have 100 specialists to work on this project, and has recorded at least 79 pieces of patents with the word'' wrist''. From other patent revealed, it appears that Apple thinking of making a wrist device that uses a flexible display, is powered by solar and kinetic energy.

IWatch addition, there is also a device which, though very different but it could be a competitor for Apple watches. That is smart glasses made by Google, Google Glass which will be released to the market by the end of  this year.

origin source by PhoneArena


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