Google Maps for iOS Updated to Support Google Contacts

Google Maps for iOS Updated to Support Google Contacts

Google Maps app for iPhone has just received a significant update. There are changes that could further improve its search features, making the search more accurate and relevant place.

Google Maps for iPhone users can now perform a deeper search into Google Contacts. This means that if users use Google as an 'address book' key, then the user is also able to open the address stored in the account. As well as the new location also features categories make it easier when looking for important places while in an unfamiliar location.

For those who have not update, the update is available in the Apple App Store for iPhone users.
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What's New in Version 1.1?

  • Search your Google Contacts; sign in to have your saved addresses show up when you search for friends and family by name.
  • Quickly search for local places by selecting popular categories such as restaurants, bars, cafes, gas stations, etc.
  • Choose between Kilometers or Miles for your preferred distance units.
  • Note that some features may not be available in all countries.
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