Fujitsu to Showcase Prototype Tablet with PalmSecure Features

Fujitsu to Showcase Tablet Prototype with PalmSecure Features

CeBIT 2013 event is currently taking place in Germany. Although is not grand as MWC 2013 ago but at the  event seen some new gadgets, one of which is a prototype of Android tablet from Fujitsu which uses security technology to the palm reader.

Fujitsu's prototype Android tablet using PalmSecure technology to make Android tablets more secure. Authentication is more complex than just the fingers but unfortunately until now the product has not materialized in a finished product or can be run in either the prototype.

The tablet was built with 10-inch screen where on one side there is a palm reader. The sensor looks small enough so as not to cover the tablet. For authentication, users do not need to touch your hand on the sensor surface, but enough flick on the sensor. Like the finger sensor, users must be a few times to try to prepare well for the authentication sensor.
palmreader fujitsu tablet

Not yet known what the price of this Fujitsu tablet. Fujitsu only states that the product will be available first in Japan followed in Europe in June. The tablet is more aimed at business customers.

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