(After Focus)application make similar to the images from DSLR cameras,Download now!

10 August 2012

after focus application

For Android phone users who love taking photos via cell phone, now there is an application that can enhance the images are becoming increasingly similar to the images from DSLR cameras.
After an application called Focus is already available in Google's Play and consists of two versions, the regular version and Pro version. For the regular version can be downloaded free of charge while the pro version can be purchased for $ 1.99. After Focus can also be used also in conjunction with other camera applications, such as camera 360 or the other.
After Focus can give depth to the image blur level camera phone with an easy to process, simply by making a line. It also can be used to edit the selection of a particular area as well as Adobe Photoshop masking. Other enhancements such as providing filters, Vignetting effects, stickers, and sharpen the images.
For those interested, please download the application via this link or this link (Pro version).
origin source phonearena


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